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If you’re reading this, chances are we don’t have to tell you just how much hearing loss can affect your life. You’ve already experienced the difficulty carrying on conversations. The need to constantly say “What?”, much to the annoyance of friends, family and co-workers. Increasing the volume on your TV, radio and cell phone bit by bit with each passing year. And slowly but surely, finding yourself isolated in a world whose sounds you can no longer clearly hear or understand.

That’s why All World Hearing is here, and it’s why you’re taking the time to learn what you can do to get back the life you’ve lost. Rest assured, you are not alone. Literally tens of millions of people in the U.S. are losing their hearing. But at All World Hearing, we’re only concerned about one of them: you. Our experienced and caring professionals will test your hearing, advise you on new strategies to deal with hearing loss, and, if necessary, make practical recommendations to help you choose from a wide selection of the latest, most sophisticated hearing aids on the market.

Maybe you are still thinking, “My hearing isn’t that bad. I can live with it for now.” Don’t talk yourself into accepting hearing loss before you learn all the facts. Let All World Hearing arm you with the knowledge you need to make the right choice for your lifestyle.

It’s time to discover how you can get back what you’re missing. Call All World Hearing at 512-387-9744 today.

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Seven years: That’s the average amount of time people wait before visiting a hearing specialist for their hearing loss.

Just as you wouldn’t tolerate a loss in vision without a trip to the eye doctor, why ignore a loss in hearing without visiting a hearing expert?

The fact is, without treatment, hearing loss can get worse. Your ears and brain thrive on sound. But studies show that over time, hearing loss impairs the brain’s ability to process sound and recognize speech.

The earlier you treat your hearing loss, the more hearing you’ll be able to preserve. Don’t wait to get the help you need!


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If hearing aids can help, your hearing specialist will explain the options so you can choose the right hearing aid for your unique hearing profile, lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

We’ll custom-fit and program your new hearing aids to provide you with the best hearing possible, helping you reconnect with the people and activities that are vital to your life.

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